Published Date April 22, 2022

Are pumpkins acidic? (Part 2 of 4)

By Naurin Ansari

1 min read

About acidic, pumpkin seeds and Pumpkins.
Are pumpkins acidic?

Pumpkins are acidic in nature and have an acidic pH of about 4.9. Though, they are not as acidic as some of the other fruits out there.

Most of us usually eat pumpkin as a dessert and because of that, it’s hard to imagine that a sweet pumpkin dish can be acidic, but it is.

Pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, are actually not acidic. They become alkaline once they are dried and roasted. Since most people dry and roast the seeds before eating them, eating pumpkin seeds is an excellent snack for those watching their acid intake or those who have a recurring acid reflux issue.

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