Published Date July 25, 2022

Health benefits of plant based meat alternatives (part 3 of 5)

By Hetvi Shah

1 min read

The Health benefits of plant-based meat alternatives are Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, Reduced risk of cancer, Improved bowel movement,...
Health benefits of plant based meat

There is a wide range of nutritional benefits of meat discovered in recent years. However, the health benefits of averting animal meat for plant-based meat include - 

  1. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  2. Reduced risk of cancer
  3. Improved bowel movement
  4. Improved gut microbiome health and digestion 
  5. Weight management
  6. Decreased inflammation

Additionally, some plant-based meats are free from nutrients that some people may want to limit for heart health such as saturated fat and sodium. Though these amounts depend on specific products.

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