Published Date April 04, 2022

How to prepare jackfruit? (Part 3 of 4)

By Naurin Ansari

1 min read

About pollen allergy and jackfruit.
Pollen allergy

First of all, make sure to wear a pair of gloves and cover the cutting board with plastic wrap before you cut a ripe jackfruit. Try to cut 2-inch slices and so run the knife along the core line so that the pods get separated. Break the pods off, separate them from the skin and remove the white fibres and tip. Split the pods lengthwise and remove the seeds and rubbery seed skin. Once you remove the skin and seeds, the rest of the fruit can be eaten. The seeds can be eaten too but only after boiling them for 20-30 minutes.

Jackfruit is not considered safe to eat for everyone. If you are someone who has a latex or birch pollen allergy then you must avoid jackfruit because you might see an adverse reaction.

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