Published Date October 30, 2021

Post Workout Meals — How crucial are they?

By Arpita Sudev

3 min read

Last update date: February 24, 2023

All about protein, whole egg, low-sugar breakfast and post-work-out meal.
Post Workout Meals

Some post-workout meals you can try out:

  • Whey protein
    Add your favorite protein (whey) powder to your choice of liquid. You can go for peas or rice if you are a vegetarian or vegan. For the liquid, you can opt for dairy and non-dairy milk or even water. In some people, high doses of whey protein can cause side effects like increased bowel movements, acne, thirst, nausea, bloating, reduced appetite, and headache. People with milk allergy or sensitivity should not use whey protein. Whey protein decreases the pH level of our blood which should ideally be between 7.35 to 7.45, quite acidic in nature increasing blood acidity. Whey protein can act as a replacement for carbohydrates and hence boost ketosis.



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Whey Protein

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