Published Date March 25, 2022

What Good are Protein Bars?

By Arpita Sudev

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All about weight loss, protein bars, strength and protein.
Protein Bars

Protein bars are nutritional snack bars that contain a high proportion of protein compared to carbohydrates or fats. Nowadays, protein bars have emerged as favourable alternatives to sugary chocolates and candies.

They are usually made with natural ingredients such as fruits, dairy products, cereal, oatmeal, and dry fruits that contribute towards the body’s fibre needs along with protein needs.

Plant-sourced protein can come from foods like pumpkin seeds, nuts, berries & fruits, split peas, soy, brown rice, quinoa, and hemp. This goodness of nutrients present in a protein bar activates amino acid availability in the muscles and boosts the energy level of the body.

Why are they in demand?

With the increase in physical activity and an increasing number of health & wellness clubs, gyms and surging awareness about protein bars, the market is expected to witness a rise in demand. As protein is an important element that supports fitness progress, consumers prefer buying protein bars for various purposes, such as weight management, improving muscle mass, and increasing energy. Also, the current ambiguous situation around the world increased their nutritional intake to consume healthy foods. Further on, due to busy schedules/lifestyles, people started working out even at their homes and hence, the demand for protein bars were further raised. [2] 

Benefits of Protein Bars

  • Protein Bars are the complete source of high-quality protein, and would almost fulfil your daily need for protein.
  • It helps to boost your body’s metabolism and can help maintain muscle mass and strength. Thus, it is ideal for both weight loss and weight gain.
  • It provides a good amount of energy to the body throughout the workout period. When consumed post-workout, it replenishes the muscle mass tissues.
  • It helps feel full, keeping you away from unwanted cravings.
  • It is balanced and acts as a meal replacement to provide an instant sugar spike, which can ideally be obtained from eating unhealthy foods. Hence, protein bars are a great alternative to meal munching on junk.
  • It can be carried easily anywhere unlike shakes.

Some Drawbacks

  • It is difficult to choose the best one out of the countless options available.
  • Some protein bars may consist of added sugars, tasting like candies, whilst being high in calories.
  • Not all protein bars will have natural sweeteners. Some might just contain high fructose and cane sugar.
  • Consuming excessive amounts of protein can also lead to side effects.
  • Some protein bar brands are costly and not worth their price tag. [1] 

Differences between Protein & Energy Bars

The quality of protein is arguably more important than the type of protein. One of the most confusing product comparisons which need clearing up is protein and energy bars. Both are nutritionally healthy, but there are some differences between them.

Protein bars are enriched with high-quality protein that acts as meal replacement bars, giving instant relief from hunger. The quality of protein makes one feel heavy enough. They are for heavy use and are mainly used by athletes and bodybuilders who do intense workouts. 

On the other hand, energy bars are made with ingredients like granola, oats, nuts & seeds, which provide an instant boost of energy.

In short, an energy bar consists of carbohydrates and sugars that give an instant boost of energy, whereas a protein bar primarily works as a meal replacement bar. [3]

Tips to consider when buying protein bars

  • Check the nutritional label (Look for added sugars, additives, flavours and preservatives if any)
  • Calorie Count
  • Check the macros, ideally, it should contain at least 15-20 grams of protein per serving.
  • Consider preparing your own to save money from the pricey bars.


Not all protein bars are created equal. If you aren’t careful, you may end up with a bar that’s anything but healthy and only takes you further away from your goal. Check out some really tasty protein bar recipes below.

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