Last update date: November 07, 2023

Alpha-carotene is a plant pigment; used to synthesize food colours (orange). It plays a role as an antioxidant and anti-carcinogen and improves immune function. It comes from food sources like carrots, oranges, cantaloupe, and apricots.

Frequently Asked Questions


What foods are high in alpha-carotene?

Foods High in Alpha Carotene: 1. Pumpkin 2. Carrots 3. Butternut Squash 4. Tomatoes 5. Avocados


Is alpha-carotene converted to vitamin A?

Provitamin A carotenoids are plant pigments that the body converts into vitamin A in the intestine.


How much alpha-carotene per day?

24 mcg of alpha-carotene could be consumed in a day.

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