Last update date: November 06, 2023

Energy is the capacity or power to do work. It helps carry out the body's internal functions and repairs and builds cells and body tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is energy so important?

Energy is utilized to sustain fundamental bodily processes like cell growth, repair, respiration, and blood circulation, as well as to facilitate physical activities, which encompass work, exercise, and recreational pursuits.


What are the different forms of energy?

energy within our bodies plays a crucial role in regulating and sustaining a consistent internal temperature. Meanwhile, mechanical energy enables us to perform physical movements, and electrical energy is responsible for transmitting nerve signals to and from our brains. Energy is stored within the body and in the form of chemical energy within the foods we consume.


what is the role of energy in the human body?

The energy derived from food in the human body serves two primary purposes: it supports vital bodily functions such as cell growth, repair, respiration, and blood circulation, and it fuels physical activities, encompassing work, exercise, and leisure pursuits.

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