Methi Chana Dal Delight
Methi Chana Dal Delight
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Methi Chana Dal Delight

Last update date: February 24, 2012

Savor the goodness of Methi Chana Dal Delight, a delectable combination of chana dal, fresh fenugreek leaves, and aromatic spices. A delightful dish with a perfect balance of flavors!

Total Time: 

45 minutes.


North Indian

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How To Cook?


To prepare the methi chana dal delight, begin by washing the chana dal thoroughly and soaking it in 3 cups of water for at least 30 minutes.


Meanwhile, wash and pat dry the fenugreek leaves (methi) and finely chop them.


Heat a teaspoon of oil in a wok or kadai and saute the chopped methi leaves until they become soft, which should take less than 3 minutes. once soft, set the methi leaves aside.


In a pressure cooker, heat a teaspoon of oil over medium heat and add asafoetida (hing). saute for a few seconds.


Add sliced onions and saute until they become soft.

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